What Fire & Light Does to Recycle

Here at Fire & Light we try to incorporate sustainability and recycling in everything we do. With Earth Day right around the corner, we thought we would share with you a few of the things we do to try to take care of our environment.

Most of our glassware is made with over 91% recycled glass. We have recycled almost 8 million bottles and jars from our community. Most of our glass comes from Humboldt Sanitation in McKinleyville.



We reuse packing materials (bubble wrap, cardboard, paper) provided by local businesses such as Arcata Stationers and Kokatat.



We shred cardboard and boxes donated to us by local businesses to use as packing material. We recycle almost a ton of cardboard per month doing this.



None of our glass is thrown away in the landfill. Any products found to have structural defects (cracks or sharp edges) are re-melted.

All of the glass that falls on the floor as we are pouring our glassware is gathered and mixed with the glass taken out during color changes. All of this glass is taken to a local construction company where it is tumbled and added to their gravel and asphalt mixes. We have a lot of colorful and sparkly gravel roads here in Humboldt County!


–         We use old newspapers to wrap glass for customers to take home in the Showroom Seconds Sale.

–         We re-use boxes from The Liquor Still for customers to take home glass in the Showroom Seconds Sale.


If we all pitch-in by recycling and reusing, we can make a difference in the impact our presence has on this planet.

Comment and let us know what you are doing to help the environment! 


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