Meet The Team – Glass Craftsman

We are starting a small series of Blog posts about our team here at Fire & Light. We look forward to introducing you to all of the pieces of our puzzle.

I’m happy to introduce Justin, our lead glass craftsman. He casts and presses our glassware into the beautiful items in your home. He has been with us for 13 years, and has made many of the items on our shelves.

Justin grew up in Humboldt County and graduated from a local high school. He obtained two degrees from Humboldt State University in History and Religious Studies. He is married to Nilda and has two daughters, Darissa, age 12 and Elora, age 8.

Justin got his start at Fire & Light while working at a local video store. He decided he wanted a job with benefits, applied to Fire & Light without knowing we were hiring, and was hired and taught glass pouring on-the-go. Justin says the hardest pieces to make are our Splash Vase and our Large Tumbler.

Justin torching a Tumbler

Justin pouring glass

Justin pressing glass

Mike Rowe Visited Fire & Light!

Mike Rowe visited Fire & Light while filming an episode for his new series on CNN.

Mike Rowe and [almost] the whole crew!

Mike Rowe and [almost] the whole crew!

Mike with John and Natali

Alyssa and Mike

Mike, Lucy & Michelle

In the words of Mike Rowe, “‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is about people who simply do what they do because of a weird mix of love, compulsion, obsession, dedication — whatever it is. Those people have always interested me.”

We will keep you posted, so stay tuned for more info!

What’s a Puka?

At Fire & Light we Recycle and Re-Use as much as possible. We have recycled over 7.5 million bottles and jars, we recycle about a ton of cardboard each month to make packaging material, and we re-use thousands of boxes for shipping.

Our Puka Bowl is not only made with recycled glass but the unique pattern is made using a 1930’s sewing machine foot treadle found among the tons of twisted metal at the Arcata Salvage Yard.


Each Puka bowl is individually hand poured and formed by one of the Fire & Light craftsman. Every bowl is unique in character.

#382 Puka Bowl


(John holding up the treadle and the Puka Bowl in front of the pile of salvaged metal.)

These bowls are great for small foods such as olives, crackers, nuts or cheeses. They can also add a splash of color to the kitchen as a spoon holder or in the bathroom as a soap dish.


(Copper and Cobalt Puka Bowls showing off their inspiration!)

This just goes to show how something that was once thought of as trash can have a whole new life !

From now until September 1st the Puka Bowls are only $20. Order yours now while we still have some. You can find them here:

Wine of the week!

Last night I opened a bottle of what I thought was Cabernet… yet, it didn’t taste like the Cabs I love so much. Come to find out, it was a Sangiovese from the Columbia Valley, and it was fantastic!

2011 was a great year. It isn’t too dry, or too fruity. Just the right balance of tannins, (my Sommelier friend would be proud!).

I highly recommend this Maryhill wine, and I’m sure you could find it at Safeway or BevMo locally.

maryhill wine with goblets

To get some of these beautiful Goblets for your favorite wine, contact us!

Also, check us out at !

Humboldt Made at the California State Fair

Have you heard of Humboldt Made? It’s not just a promotional company that helps local Humboldt businesses to get their brands out into the world, but a family!

I could go on for days about all of the wonderful things Humboldt Made does for Fire & Light, but let’s focus on what they are doing right now..

The California State Fair is raging in our State’s capitol right now- Sacramento! I have never personally attended this fair, but YOU SHOULD! Why? There is a display of all of the wonderful, yummy, alcoholic, creamy delicious and beautiful goodness that makes up Humboldt in a lovely-looking Humboldt County display booth!

You can see products from local breweries, distilleries, food distributors …and US! Check out these photos and go check out the booth!




Museum of Glass Cone

Fire & Light sometimes partners with a company to create something totally unique to their brand. The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington is all sorts of unique. With their extravagant glass art exhibits, glass sculpture garden, other-worldly architecture and glass demonstrations by visiting artists, don’t you dare miss it if you are in the Tacoma area.

The Museum of Glass is hard to miss. A giant metal cone protrudes from the ground, covered in diamond-shaped panels.




While the exterior of the cone is impressive, it’s what’s inside that counts. The cone houses a 7,000 sq. ft. amphitheater, which is home to their hot shop. Visitors to the museum can watch featured glass artists create their sculptures and future exhibits.




To replicate their fantastic piece of architectural magnificence, we have created a Cone of our Own. Meet the Fire & Light Cone:


You have to stop by the Museum of Glass Store to purchase one of these little cones, but it will be worth the trip!

Cuddeback School Tour Drawings

We LOVE giving tours to local schools! There is nothing better than teaching students at a young age the benefits of recycling and the ways glass can be re-purposed. They are the next generation!

The Cuddeback School came for a tour in May, and we received these lovely drawings from some of the students.





If you are local and have a student in a school in the area, we encourage them to come for a tour! Have their teacher give us a call at 707-825-7500.

Sydney Opera House- So Fine Event Design

We wanted to share some photos from a private event put on by So Fine Event Design at the Sydney Opera House. Thank you to Dalton Fine for letting us use his photos and displaying our glass so beautifully.

We shipped seven full pallets of glass overseas!










The possibilities are endless when you see what you can do with our glass in the right setting and the right light!

The Best Light for Lavender

Has your Lavender Tumbler ever changed color from room to room?

Our Lavender color is one of our nine colors that contains 2-6% recycled content, and contains certain minerals that react differently to different kinds of light.

This photo is taken of the same exact Footed Jar with Lid in Natural Light (left) and Fluorescent light (right):


Rich- our production manager- explains, “It’s what you call a dichroic reaction of the Neodymium in different types of light.” Neodymium is one of the rare earth minerals.

So, to get the best out of your Lavender glassware, place in a window to catch sunlight or place under natural halogen lighting. Unless you enjoy the blueish hue…